Are Your Trees Scorched From Summer?

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Are Your Trees Scorched From Summer?

As is usually expected for residents of Central Texas, this summer was a scorcher. Air conditioners got a run for their money, and most people are welcoming the approach of the cooler season right around the corner. While you may be relieved that you made it through, have you considered if your trees suffered damage? Along with high heat, Central Texas continues to suffer from severe drought, and this can be especially stressful on your foliage.

Tips to Keeping Trees in Texas Healthy

There’s not much you can do to shield your trees from the heat. After all, you can’t bring them inside! However, there are measures you can take that will offer them the protection they need to have a better chance of making it safely through a hot Texas summer. Some techniques you should employ include:

  • Properly Watering – It’s worth the investment to set up an automated drip system to ensure they stay hydrated even when you’re not home.
  • Mulching – Placing mulch around the base of trees can help keep roots moist.
  • Hosing – Run the hose over the root area of young trees for about one minute once a day.

Let’s face it. Sometimes there’s no hope in saving a tree that’s been severely damaged. In this case, it’s beneficial to have the tree professionally removed. Failure to remove a tree can diminish the aesthetic value of your home, attract pests, endanger other trees, and pose a risk of falling branches.

The friendly and experienced staff here at Perfect Properties is here to offer the tree service help you need. We have the combination of skills and tools to literally get to the root of your problem and help preserve your yard. Call us today at512-960-2335 for a consultation or to schedule an appointment for tree services in Central Texas.

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