Benefits of Preventative Tree Maintenance

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Benefits of Preventative Tree Maintenance

Trees add beauty and value to a home and its surrounding property in a way that no other landscaping or plantings can do. When a tree is planted, the homeowner is making an investment in their property that will most likely outlive the homeowner, but only if the tree is properly maintained.

Healthy, vibrant trees add to the value of your home and property, but they can only stay that way if they are managed correctly. Preventative tree maintenance will increase the life span and beauty of the trees you have planted and the ones that you acquired when you purchased your property.

When a tree is young and small, it is often easy for the do-it-yourselfer to want to trim the tree, however, a mistake in cutting can damage a tree to the extent that it will never live up to its full potential. And how many of us have the know-how or the equipment available to scale a 30- or 40-foot tall tree?

A tree service professional will inspect your trees for damage, assess the likelihood of future issues, and be able to take the necessary steps to properly prune your trees. Preventative maintenance will keep your trees strong and protect your home and family from falling branches. Even before tree branch injuries are visible from ground level, they can be further damaged and pose a threat in the case of a storm – high winds combined with a weak tree is a recipe for disaster. It always pays to have your trees examined on a regular basis; think of it as preventative medicine for your plantings.

Proper tree service and maintenance helps keep your trees strong and healthy. Preserve the value of your property, and keep your family safe. Contact the professionals at Perfect Properties in San Marcos by calling 512-960-2335 to schedule your tree maintenance services today.

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