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How to Water Your Trees During A Drought

Central Texas has had an incredibly hot summer, and this weather can be very hard on trees. Instead of counting on the rain to water them, you have to water them manually if the trees are to have any hope of surviving a brutal summer. Manual watering can be trickier than it sounds. Here is a helpful guide to make sure your trees get the best possible care.


When it is as hot as it’s been in San Marcos, the best time to water your trees is in the evening, late at night, or early in the morning. The water will evaporate instead of nourishing the tree if it is administered during the day. Watering in the evening or at night allows them to replace the water they have lost during the day.


You will also want to be careful not to use any fertilizers that are high in salt. Too much sodium can impair the tree’s ability to absorb adequate moisture. It can also cause toxicity. Both of these can cause the trees to die, especially during periods of extreme heat.


The three main hoses you can use are soaker hoses, garden hoses, and sprinkler hoses. Soaker hoses and garden hoses tend to be the best in this situation because trees need to be watered deeply to promote strong roots. If you are planning to use a sprinkler hose it is best to spray the tree twice a day, leaving a one hour gap in between.

Even with the perfect care, this Texas heat can be very hard on trees. Sometimes, the only option is to remove them. If you are looking for tree removal services in or around the San Marcos area, call Perfect Properties at 512-960-2335 to schedule your appointment today.

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