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Signs You Should Remove that Tree

With the recent damaging rains and flooding sweeping across Texas, San Marcos was one of the hardest hit areas in central Texas. The damage to homes and infrastructure in San Marcos is agonizingly evident. Not surprisingly, the trees and other landscaping fixtures also suffered serious damage.

While it’s tough to decide whether to remove a damage tree, it’s often necessary for safety reasons. Often dead or seriously damaged trees can fall on people or structures. Because of the expense of trees, many homeowners wonder if it’s possible to rehabilitate trees with deep watering and pruning. There are many factors that dictate whether it’s a good idea to risk leaving a tree alone.

One factor is whether it’s a tree that can withstand another storm. For instance, Bradford Pear trees or White Pines splinter very easily in high wings. A tree like these two, which already suffered damage, poses a higher risk to persons and property. With notice that a tree is damaged or dying, there is increased liability too. It’s also a good idea to remove a tree where more than fifty percent of the tree is damaged. Even if a tree with this much damage stands for a few extra years, it will become unsightly because of abnormal growth. Significant trunk damage is another indicator that a tree should be removed. If you notice a tree split down the middle or with horizontal damage, you should remove that tree as soon as possible.

The key to deciding whether or not a tree needs to be removed is its proximity to people, buildings, and other property. A tree that could fall or lose branches, but it wouldn’t damage any of those things can be left to stand. If you need a tree removal service, or you need an expert evaluation in Central Texas area, contact the San Marcos tree removal professionals at Perfect Properties. Call 512-960-2335 for an appointment.

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